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Our Vision

To illuminate the path for the global business horizon, we aspire to foster a dynamic ecosystem where businesses thrive and pioneer unmatched standards of excellence. Pavior’s imprint is evident in enterprises that redefine success benchmarks through our contributions to transformative consulting and adept service solutions.

Pavior - Our Vision
Pavior - Our Values

Our Values

1. Synergy – Together, we create futures.

2. Integrity – Building trust, one commitment at a time.

3. Adaptability – Staying agile in a dynamic world.

4. Innovation – Redefining norms for superior outcomes.

5. Growth Mindset – Every challenge, an opportunity.


About Pavior Singapore

About Pavior


Pavior Pte Ltd is a company based in Singapore, serving customers in Singapore and around the world.

She is broadly divided into two business services divisions:

  1. Business Solutions and Advisory
  2. Digital Marketing Solutions and Consultation

Our teams are industry veterans who have been in the scope of work for decades. Younger team members are always mentored by our more experienced team members and only take on further responsibilities when they are ready.

Ms. Sylvia Chen heads the Business Solutions and Advisory teams while Mr. Eddie Teo heads the Digital Marketing Solutions and Consultation teams.

    Key Persons:

    Sylvia Chen

    Ms Sylvia Chen, with over 20 years of experience heading and responsible for the human capital, corporate strategies, and initiatives department in small to medium size businesses, heads the Business Solutions and Advisory division.

    Eddie Teo

    Mr. Eddie Teo, a business veteran with almost 30 years of experience in building and running online web portals and services heads the Digital Marketing Solutions and Consultation division.

    Eddie is a certified trainer, accredited coach and consultant who has worked with hundreds of companies around the world.

    Eddie is also the creator of the 6 Steps Digital Marketing Framework, who has been adopted by many business owners and even training centers for their digital marketing courses.

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