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Everyone is now a Key Opinion Consumer

Online Reviews, Feedback & Reputation

Regardless of your business types, you cannot deny that customer feedback or review is now the most vital component in retaining your customers and getting new ones. Without proper management of your reviews online, your business is just going to fail without even realizing it.

Customer reviews are one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. Not only do they provide valuable feedback, but they can also help you attract new customers. In fact, reputation marketing is the new wave of digital marketing. By leveraging the positive reviews of your current customers, you can quickly build a reputation and attract even more business. And thanks to advancements in technology, you can now easily capture and share customer reviews. So, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, reputation marketing is the way to go.

Many businesses stop at one of the major parts of reputation online. They are just waiting for feedback or review to happen. Or they just do not know how to respond to that irritating negative review they just got from that annoying customer. Even without proper encouragement to get reviews, managing reviews, they are not leveraging on the feedback and reviews to get more customers.

We provide the following services (but not limited to):

  • Online Reviews & Feedback Building
  • Online Reviews & Feedback Management
  • Online Reviews & Feedback Building
  • Google Business Profile / Google Map Management & Optimization

Building Reviews and Reputation

When you are small or new to the market, you need to build up your reputation and get reviews for your business.

When you start growing, you need more customers, you want new customers to start taking note of you, your competitors start taking note of you too. They will be working on ways to beat you and get you out of the market. You need more customers to make sure you can stay in business.

When you start growing, you are the dart board of your competitors. You are after you. You need to be on your toes.
To stay in business, we need customers.

Today, over 90% of customers go search online for information about you, before they even consider working with you. It was tough last time, with the advancement of technology, it has made this possible and far easier than 20 years ago.

Building Reviews And Reputation - Pavior Singapore
Managing Reviews And Reputation - Pavior Singapore

Managing Reviews & Reputation

Once you build up reviews for your businesses, you must manage it. Negative reviews of your company can harm your business if not addressed correctly.

Most companies simply do not have the expertise to address such reviews, we can help.

Marketing with Your Reviews & Feedback

Many companies stopped there, they built up reviews for their businesses and managed them very well, but they fail to leverage on their current reviews to get even more customers.

Worse cases are when they create or manually post such reviews where potential clients would question authenticity.

Doing it right means you gain new customers, doing it wrong makes potential customers look at your company with doubt.

Marketing With Your Reviews And Feedback - Pavior Singapore
Build And Optimize Google Business Profile And Google Maps - Pavior Singapore

Build & Optimize Google Business Profile & Google Maps

Google has changed how businesses are done literally. Whether you are operating a restaurant, a hotel, a gym, stationery shop, whatever business you do, as long as you need customers, you cannot ignore Google.

Besides Google Ads, you need to leverage on the other platforms Google provides for you.

Google Business Profile, or formerly known as Google My Business, together with Google Map (especially important for those who provides products and services to walk-in customers) provides you a platform where you can get more customers, much easier than you thought.

Of course, you need to have a properly optimized GBP profile, so you can rank on top when potential customers search for what you are selling.

Get your business ranked in Google Local 3 Pack and Google Search Engine Results Pages, just by optimizing your Google Business Profile.

You will be surprised how much extra business it can bring you.

Will It Work for My Business?

It helps if you have a big budget for your A&P campaigns, but if you are a small or medium sized business or start-up, or you are competing with some big guns, you need to improvise.

Leverage on the Internet to help you gain more customers, it may be easier to achieve results than you think you can.

The most important aspect of doing business today is how your potential clients view your company. It is no longer about flashing fancy ads on the TV or newspapers today. They still work of course, but the Internet has made the world much smaller, and the business world much easier to access to. Smaller start-ups or businesses can now rival larger enterprises if they leverage on Digital Marketing correctly.

Pavior specializes in providing reviews or reputation building, management, and marketing services for companies of different sizes.

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